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Training Programmes

To emerge as a centre of excellence and innovation proactively catalyzing the trainees to develop their potential to the optimum and to provide opportunity to them beyond technological learning to develop leadership competence and to manage crisis situation.Institute of Road Transport is constantly chalking out refreshing avenues towards estabilishing their identity,skills and ingenuity.


The Institute of Road Transport is organising Training programmes to develop and update the knowledge and skill of personnel working in STUs of Tamilnadu so as to achieve improvements in the overall performance of the Transport Corporations by drawing calendar of training programmes in advance and communicating the same to the Managing Directors of all STUs for planning and sponsoring their employees for these training courses.

“Training programmes’ on various discipline such as Engineering, Management, Finance, Materials, Transportation, Computerisation, etc is regularly conducted both at the Institute of Road Transport, Chennai and at the head quarters of the Transport Corporations.

“Workshops” on various functional disciplines held at various head quarters to enable the supervisory staff of the neighboring STUs to participate and exchange ideas, methods of work and also to discuss the problems and possible solutions.

“Meets” of various Functional Manager’s are organized to share the knowledge and experience gained by the STUs. In addition, “Special programmes” are also conducted at the request of STUs.

Training Details


SL.NO Description No. of Programmes No. of participants
1 In house training programme at Head Quarters at STUs 269 6,080
2 Training programmes at Chennai 484 7,387
3 Meet, Workshop & other programmes 310 6,288